Solaris Zone Hosting

As your site grows, you'll find that you quickly outgrow a typical shared hosting environment. You need more power to handle the thousands of users and their complex interactions with your site. Experienced developers or administrators might also find that shared hosting doesn't provide the flexibility or features they require. And getting that flexibility can be expensive, costing hundrerds or thousands of dollars per month.

The next logical progression is to use a "virtual private server", typically referred to as VPS. Specialized software allows one physical server to be shared as many "virtual" servers — from the outside, they appear to be a physical server, with complete and unrestricted access for the administrator and users, but without the cost of a whole server.

Harnessing the power of Sun Microsystems hardware and the Solaris 11 operating system, the Net5 Solaris Zone Hosting packages provide you with the ultimate in flexibility, power and performance for your VPS. Our Sun Fire T1000 CoolThreads servers provide a cost-effective, high-density platform for your site. And thanks to the advanced features built in to Solaris 11, your site can run in an independent environment, unaffected by other Zones on the system. Its unique Resource Manager guarantees CPU, memory and disk space will always be available to your account, but allows your Zone to use free resources if available. Our Solaris systems utilize the ZFS file system, to give you unparalleled data security and flexibility, and we make heavy use of DTrace and other system monitoring tools to ensure that our systems are always running optimally.

In short, the Net5 Solaris Zone Hosting provides you with the ultimate in flexibility, performance and price.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Coolthreads Difference

Most VPS providers use standard x86 systems, usually on dual-core or quad-core systems. Even a generous contention ratio of 1/32 (the fraction of a server's physical resources allocated to your account), you get access to just 10% of a single physical CPU. If another VPS on your server is doing heavy computations, your site will suffer.

On a Net5 CoolThreads system, we give you far more computing power. With up to 32 threads executing simultaneously on a single CoolThreads CPU, and powered by Solaris, you're guaranteed to have the CPU capacity at your disposal. Plus, should your site experience unexpected demand, and the server has spare cores available, your site can "burst" to make use of these unused resources. Solaris makes sure this is never at the expense of performance of other Zones, so you get the best of both worlds — guaranteed capacity and the ability to deal with unexpected demand!


  • Your own Solaris Zone, running on genuine Sun Coolthreads hardware
  • Guaranteed resource allocation — your site will never be affected by other sites on the system
  • Burstable resources — your site can make use of free resources in times of excess demand
  • Dedicated IP address for your container
  • Full root access giving you complete control over your account
  • Complete configurability — run whatever software you like, however you like it
  • Environmentally friendly — CoolThreads consume up to 5 times less power than equivalent systems
  • Technical support from a real person for all aspects of your zone — configuration, performance and security
  • Daily Secure International Backups for the ultimate in data protection

Zone Packages

Our two zone packages provide you with everything you need to get started.

International Orders

All prices listed here are in Australian Dollars and include GST.
All international orders will recieve a 10% discount

Features: Developer Zone Enterprise Zone
CPU Allocation 1/32 (3.125%) 1/8 (12.5%)
Burstable to 90% of available cores
RAM Allocation 128 MB 512 MB
Storage Space 2GB 10GB
Additional storage: $10/GB
Data Transfers 20GB 50GB
Additional Transfers: $4/GB
Pricing: Developer Zone Enterprise Zone
Setup Fee No setup fees!
Monthly Price $19 $65
Quarterly Price $55 $180
Yearly Price $195 $685
Note: All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST.
International orders receive a 10% discount!