The Buzz

“You guys continue to exceed our every expectation! Again and again, you kick butt — The Kung-Fu Masters of Web Hosting!” — Happy Net5 Customer
Solaris Zone Hosting

Combining the power, security and beauty of Solaris 10 without having to worry about the day-to-day maintenance or “big iron” pricetag.

Ruby on Rails

Run your site on Net5 for the ultimate in Australian Ruby hosting — including Rails, Merb and your favorite framework too!

J2EE Hosting

J2EE has continued to go from strength to strength — we use genuine Sun hardware and software to give your site the ultimate J2EE experience.

Welcome to Net5

By now, you've probably already trawled through dozens of hosting providers, looking for one that will meet your needs. They all look the same, offer very similar products, and charge similar prices.

But look closely, and you'll notice something. They try to impress you with flashy sites and sound effects around their “servers”, which for a while was the same picture of a collection of Sun hardware worth several hundred thousand dollars. It seems that gaming computers are all the rage now for demonstrating a host's technical prowess. At the end of the day, most of these companies don't even own their own equipment, but have what's known as a reseller account from another company that's leasing their hardware from a third company...

Then there's their “support staff” — the beautiful girl wearing a big grin and her signature headset. If you visit enough hosting companies on your search for the place to host your site, you might even see the same person on multiple sites. Don't be fooled by stock photography!

We're Different

We're real. We don't pretend to be something we're not, and we'll be the first to admit that. We're not a mega-corporation — we're a small business, like many of our customers, and we understand what it's like to be a small business.

For years, we've watched other hosts come along, designing large corporate-looking websites and giving the air of professionalism and quality. But as they rapidly grow, this facade quickly wears off, and the true amateurism become apparent with poor customer support, increasing costs, and worst of all, downtime for your site or even loss of data.

We urge you to take a look at our offerings. You'll find we're quite competitive with other web hosts, but with support you'll find second to none.

From the Labs

Farewell Blastwave, Hello OpenCSW

Blastwave, the community software package system for Solaris systems, has been dead for some time now. We’ve continued to use it, since we haven’t really had any need to change. But we’ve had some requests lately for stuff that doesn’t exist in Blastwave, or versions which haven’t made it into Blastwave. Lucky for us, there’s […]

Pretend Friends

I was playing about on one of our competitor’s websites the other day — just some harmless research to see what the other guys are up to these days. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that, a short while after not paying for their service, an email appeared in my gmail account wondering what […]

Scheduled Maintenance

We’ve just received word from our datacentre that a string of network upgrades have been planned for 5 March 2011, between midnight and 6am (Queensland time — GMT+10 without daylight savings). They’re replacing much of the networking systems that our servers use, but the downtime is estimated to be minimal, with just 3 periods of […]

Brisbane Floods

Hi all, I know we’ve been a little slack with the blog of late, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to let all our customers know that our datacentre is not threatened by the recent South-East Queensland Floods. Services should remain as normal throughout the floods, as long as our other upstream […]

Just Smashing

I’ve always been interested in design in all its forms — web, print, architecture and more. And while I know my way around photoshop, my tallent with all things pretty is mediocre at best. But that doesn’t stop me spending far too much time looking all things pretty. I’ve spent the last few days reading […]

The New Net5 is Live!

I know this blog has been getting a little stale lately, but we finally have some good news to announce. We’ve finally taken the wraps off the brand new Net5 site! It’s a little bit more fancy than our previous incarnations, but we feel it better reflects our target market, and we’re really excited to […]